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Why are so many Americans buying emergency food supplies?


More than just survival, Pappy Kershenstine wants our valued customer to have an option to purchase emergency food in case of unforeseen disasters.


We have developed Nu Jambalaya, a New Orleans favorite cuisine, that is not only subsistence, but also, a great tasting meal with loads of nutritional value. 
t has the protein, fat and carbohydrates you need to sustain life.  To prepare: Boil water over the campfire or stove, add meats of your choice, and in 30 minutes 
you have a meal fit for the entire family.  It is packaged in a Mylar Bag for long-term storage.

When a disaster strikes you'll be confident in knowing that Nu Jambalaya provides the necessary nutrition you need for a healthy life.

Note, every day many people enjoy Nu Jambalaya as a delicious and nutritious meal.


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