•  Beef Jerky Display of 10 Cans  .25 oz

Pappy Kershenstine's Steak in a Can, a display case of 10 cans of the finest shredded steak jerky money can buy! Each can 25 oz.

Preserving meat by drying is a simple process, just like the pioneers did on the trail as they traveled west. The same process is used in producing Pappy Kershenstine Steak in a Bag with an old family recipe, adapted for large scale production in a factory inspected by the USDA.
Our starting point of making Pappy's Steak, is that we start with premium select inside round steaks throughout the process. Our starting point is the greatest difference between other beef jerky products.  That is, Pappy's Steak in a Bag is not chopped and formed, or ground and pressed to produce our product, whereas, many other jerky products are done that way.
It is a nutritious alternative to the many “junk foods” on the market.  Health conscious public is making the change to Pappy's Steak in a Bag for a healthy snack.
  • Made only from selected inside round steaks
  • Using natural cuts of beef, not chopped, ground or formed
  • Sliced into strips and cured in Pappy's’ Famous Spice Solution
  • Sprinkled lightly with Pappy’s Famous Seasoning for that great flavor
  • Hickory smoked in a jerky smokehouse

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Beef Jerky Display of 10 Cans .25 oz

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