Pappy's Steak in a Bag is made from Premium Select

100% Beef Round Steaks....the Best Cut of Meat!!! 



Pappy's Steak in a Bag is made from Premium Select, Beef Round Steaks, seasoned with the perfect spices from our family's secret recipe. It's just like homemade, salty and peppery and goes great with your favorite beverage.

The texture varies from thick and tasty, chewy to thin and crispy, and there lies the beauty of the product. Every time you grab a bag, it's an unique snack experience.

We are confident that you will find Pappy's Steak in a Bag product an enjoyable and nutritious snack ...... Buy some today and Enjoy a Taste of the West!







Try some Pappy's BBQ Seasoned Pork Loin Jerky, a new entry to Pappy Kershenstine's succulent smoked meats. Now you can enjoy both fine products during your favorite sport event, or on the trail, or just anytime. Pappy Kershenstine's BBQ Pork Jerky.....AWESOME!!!




Pappy's Meat Snacks

An Olde Tyme and New Time Favorite!

When your looking to buy jerky online, we know you want the best meat snacks!
That's why there's Pappys Kershenstine's Famous Smoked Meats for your enjoyment.         



US Soldiers Enjoying PAPPY'S STEAK IN A BAG

Pappy Kershenstine has been serving up the best steak jerky since 1976 with home-style hickory smoke made the Olde Tyme way. Made from premium select 100%round steakand seasonedwith the perfect spices from our family recipe.

Pappy's Steak Jerky has been a favorite past time for our devoted customers for Our Steak Jerky is made with 100% select lean inside beef round steaks. We naturally cut our beef and do not grind, chop, or form our "Steak in a Bag".

Pappy Kershenstine's Steak in a Bag is made in Eupora, Mississippi, the Home of Pappy's "Steak in a Bag!". As our Troops say, its Great, try some today!




2.5 oz. Ziploc Bag Beef Jerky Steak in a Bag

2.5 oz. Ziploc Bag Beef Jerky Steak in a Bag

 SPECIAL!!! 2.5 oz Bag with a convenient Ziploc to keep your Steak in a Bag fresh for later enjoyment Each bag contains 2.5 oz. of the finest steak jerky money can buy!  Preserving meat by drying is a simple, prehistoric process. The process used in producing Pappy Kershenstine's Steak in a Bag i..


2.5 oz.  Ziploc Bag BBQ  Pork Loin Jerky

2.5 oz. Ziploc Bag BBQ Pork Loin Jerky

Delicious 2.5oz Bag of the finest Pappy's Pork Loin Jerky - Made from Pork Loin, the finest cut of pork.  BBQ Season Pork Loin Jerky with Ziploc Bag. , Enjoy the Best Pork Jerky that ever was! ..


Distributor Opportunity Available

Interested in selling Pappys Jerky, make money while being a distributor. Kershenstein Beef Jerky is a nationwide jerky manufacturing company that is located in Eupora, MS. We have a large following of customers who have enjoyed the best jerky on the market for over the past three decades.


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